Sara in Raven's Clothes


English-language novel

Author: Janine Tougas

Illustrator: Alexis Flower
Collection: Voyage
Category: Youth novel - ages 12 to 17

Publication date: 2018 (print and digital), 2020 (audiobook)

*Audio book read by Métis voice artist Monique LaCoste.

*Approved by Le Centre de leadership et d'évaluation for Ontario’s Ministry of Education.

Sara believes she is one of the few students at Ste. Rita School in Manitoba with no Métis blood. After her parents’ divorce, the 16-year-old artist finds herself in the Maritimes. There, she discovers Mik'maq traditions and explores the raven’s presence in many Indigenous cultures worldwide. Sara is led to revelations of her ancestral lineage as well as to the power of the artist to heal the individual and contribute to a collective consciousness of compassion.


Print: 978-1-77222-534-1

Epub: 978-1-77222-535-8

Audio: 978-1-77222-608-9

Type: Books