Our Story

Apprentissage Illimité/AHA Learning started out as a small, home-grown publishing house with big ambitions. Founded in 1995 in St. Adolphe, Manitoba by educator and businessman Raymond Poirier under the banner Apprentissage Illimité, the company quickly made a name for itself by publishing educational resources that responded to the specific needs of French and French Immersion schools in Canada.

Its flagship product, Paul et Suzanne: un modèle de francisation, created by storyteller extraordinaire Janine Tougas, has accompanied an entire generation of students in both français and French Immersion schools across Canada, the US and abroad.

In 2017, Carole Freynet-Gagné, educational specialist and entrepreneur, purchased the company and continued to grow it, creating new and exciting products via a fun, play-based approach.

Today, she has assembled an amazing team of creators, illustrators and educational specialists that includes Natalie Labossière, a well-known puppeteer and educational specialist who was recently appointed Director of Education. Carole’s goal is to continue to bring the publishing house to the international market, exploring English and Spanish as additional languages, and leave a lasting legacy based on building bridges between cultures.