New and improved!!! Paul et Suzanne: un modèle de francisation - Complete Kit


ISBN: 1-894931-24-6

French-language resource

An approach that ensures a place for children of all language profiles.

The Paul and Suzanne francization model teaches language while promoting students’ holistic development.

Education departments and ministries across the country as a curriculum resource appropriate to the needs of early learners in French language schools and French immersion programs.

The Paul et Suzanne kit includes:

20 “big” story books (new look)

(24 cm w x 33 cm h, spiral bound)
Each big book contains ten different stories featuring the Paul and Suzanne characters.

1 New Teachers' Guide (170 pages)
The guide covers inclusion, identity, community, language learning and more. It also offers over a hundred pages on the francization approach of the kit Paul et Suzanne : un modèle de francisation. Each page is a gold mine of information. 

With this guide, francization practitioners in a variety of educational settings will be able to create and support an optimal environment for sustainable language learning.

200 pictorial summaries
These summaries (large format: 215 mm x 355 mm) present each of the stories in comic strip form. The sheets can be photocopied and given to students. They provide an opportunity for reviewing the story at home and allow the whole family to take part in the child’s French language learning process.

20 songs (accessible with QR code)
Each of the 20 storybook themes is accompanied by a song, the words of which are taken from the stories and sung to traditional French folk tunes.

Puppets (Paul, Suzanne, Pipo, Maminata and Cody)
The five hand puppets represent the Paul and Suzanne characters.

16 videos (accessible with QR code)

16 videos from 5 to 8 minutes. Suzanne and Paul invite children to a moment of play and storytelling. To be shared so that everyone can take part in learning French.

24 Amuse-toi bien board games

Amuse-toi bien games promote pre-reading or reading, as well as self-knowledge and knowledge of others, in a simple, fun and educational way.



As vocabulary reappears from book to book, words and language patterns are reinforced and help children build a good basic vocabulary. The themes offer a variety of contexts that bring the language to life for young learners.

20 themes...
20 storybooks

- Zoo Animals
- Getting Ready for Winter
- Dinosaurs
- Around the House
- The Five Senses
- Toys
- Christmas
- Playing Outside
- Winter Activities
- Animals of the North
- Transportation
- Springtime
- Forest Animals
- Circus Fun
- On the Farm
- The Sea
- Fairy Tales
- Summer
- Summer Holidays
- Tall Trees and Mountains


Each storybook contains...
10 stories and 10 vocabulary categories

- Parts of the Body
- Clothing
- Body Movements
- Food and Nutrition
- The Family
- The Weather
- Colours
- Feelings
- Spatial Orientation (beside, behind, etc.)
- Times of Day




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