Paul et Suzanne - Série 2 - Le lecteur en émergence - Box set of 30 books


 French-language resource

Paul et Suzanne - Série 2 -  Le lecteur en émergence comprises 30 books divided into three levels of difficulty that take readers further into the world of those funny and friendly twins, Paul and Suzanne. The books are an invaluable tool for children’s language and reading development. The main features of these texts are:

  • Repeated sentence patterns where one or two words are changed
  • Oral language patterns
  • Familiar situations and objects
  • Illustrations providing a high level of support to reading comprehension

The texts are short, adapted to a young child’s attention span, with a focus on empathy and cooperation. The simple and attractive illustrations support story content.

30 titles (books) Grade 1

Type: Books