Lisa et Théo dans la communauté


Follow the lives of Lisa and Theo and their family and friends through this 5- stories-in-1 "high-low" book*. The text is in the form of read-aloud dialogues to model authentic communication. Audio version included. Level A2.

*High interest - low vocabulary. An age-appropriate highly engaging book at a low reading level.

Story titles:

  • La voiture qui parle
  • L'homme de ses rêves 
  • Théo magasine 
  • Lisa aime les animaux 
  • Pauvre monsieur Diop

 ISBN: 978-1-77222-591-4

This book is part of the Lisa et Théo Collection


The Lisa et Théo collection consists of 7 books for teen and adult learners. Each book features: 

  • 5 stories
  • Texts in the form of read-aloud dialogues
  • CEFR* levels A1, A2, B1 and B2
  • Audio version
  • Teacher's guide

Voices for audio version:

  • Lisa: Ariane Freynet-Gagné
  • Théo: Mathieu Jubinville
  • Natalie: Marie-Ève Fontaine
  • Samuel: Louis-Félix Fontaine
  • Other voices: Carole Freynet-Gagné, Natalie Labossière, Janique Freynet-Gagné, Chloé Freynet-Gagné, Adrien Sineux, Yan Dallaire, Jean-Paul Gagné, Isidore Guy Makaya
SKU: 978-1-77222-632-4