La saga métisse de la Rivière-Rouge


French-language resource

Author, design: Janine Tougas

Singer-songwriters: Suzanne Brémault, Martial Tougas

ISBN: 978-1-77222-536-5

Pages: 39

 La saga métisse de la Rivière-Rouge is a family story told through four songs spanning 1850 to the present.

Marie-Rose and Athanase are fictional characters who represent typical Red River Métis men and women.


Chanson de la chasse – The Golden Age of the Métis from 1820 to circa 1870. During a major bison hunt, a young woman named Marie-Rose meets Athanase, her future husband.

Chanson de la résistance – The turbulent period of 1869 to 1885. Four scenes depict the events and oppression that befall Marie-Rose, Athanase, their family, the Métis community, and Métis supporters.

Chanson de la reconnaissance – From 1870 to the present.

A tribute to the Métis, the men and women who helped shape Manitoba’s modern French-speaking community.

Chanson du câlleur – From the birth of the Métis nation to the present. An overview of Métis history, this song is a call to all Métis descendants and supporters to continue to celebrate Métis heritage.

 The teacher’s guide contains:

  • a CD containing the four songs, song charts and lyrics
  • suggestions for reviewing song structure and the relationship between lyrics, music, and interpretation with students
  • the lyrics with explanations in the margins
  • questions and activities to encourage deeper analysis of the lyrics, comparing ideas, incorporating concepts leading to the creation of innovative and original works. 

This product touches on a number of skills that are part of Arts, Social Studies, and French programs.