La chasse au bison — A Board Game


French-language resource

*Approved by Le Centre de leadership et d'évaluation for the Ontario Ministry of Education.

ISBN: 978-1-897328-91-0

Imagine this scenario: Your Red River Métis community joins up with the Métis community of the White Horse region. You form a caravan that travels through the plains of North America in search of bison. This bison hunt, the most important event in the life of the Prairie Métis, brings the whole family together. It’s the bison that ensure your livelihood and meet all of your needs… food, clothing, bedding, shelter, utensils, hunting implements, decorations for your house and ready cash.

While playing the board game, participants are introduced to all the aspects of the expedition: the preparation, the journey itself, the bison hunt and the activities that occur after the hunt is over. This cooperative game contains all the material needed for play.

Available in two formats: Kit with one game board for eight players and kit with four game boards for 32 players.