Henri et le cheval noir


French-language novel

Author: Janine Tougas
Illustrator: Alexis Flower
Collection: Voyage
Category: Youth novel - ages 12 to 17
Pages: 224
Publication date: 2015 (print and audio), 2020 (audiobook)

* To support entrepreneurship and financial literacy

*Audio book read by Métis voice artist Monique LaCoste.

At 15, Henri has the resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit of his Métis ancestors. Drawing on his knowledge of marketing and his community’s craftsmanship, he launches a website. This foray into the business world leads him to take to a closer look at his true values and his relationships with others.


Print: 978-1-77222-304-0

Epub: 978-1-77222-466-5

Audio: 978-1-77222-600-3